ARROZ CON LECHE: K OOL UTIA’AL K KUXTAL / RICE PUDDING: K OOL UTIA’AL K KUXTAL. experimental documentary | svhs/dv/super 8 | color/black & white | yucatec maya/spanish | subtitles in spanish and english | méxico, 1997-2009  |  50′ 00”

A documentary by: Ana Rosa Duarte y Byrt Wammack Weber.
Produced by: Ana Rosa Duarte:
Photography and montage: Byrt Wammack Weber.

SYNOPSIS. When faced with homogenizing forces that would have her distance herself from her past and her people, a Mayan woman is incited to explore her identity and how it relates to her culture. A ten-year collaboration between five Mayan women and their families, Arroz con leche shows the diversity of being a Maya woman at the turn of the twenty-first century.